Who will be the next Super Smash Bros DLC Character?

During the first week of April, Nintendo announced Mewtwo would finally be joining the Smash Bros roster by the end of the month. Nintendo also surprised fans by announcing that Lucas would be next in line to return to the fight. However, the most surprising bit of Smash Bros news during last week’s direct was when the ‘House of N’ revealed that they would be using an official ballot system to help determine who the next DLC character should be.

Although the current standings of the official Smash Bros. ballot aren’t public, a reddit user has made a secondary ballot system to help gauge the temperature of the waters.

ssb_secondary_ballotUnfortunately, the secondary survey is no longer active and new results haven’t been posted for a few days. In addition,  the secondary ballot may only help determine which characters reddit users and super fans are most excited about. It’s not perfect but it’s probably a pretty good start for seeing who might be in the top twenty most voted characters.

To make things even more interesting, many third party developers have  rallied their fans to promote various characters to make the cut. Super Meat Boy already has a strong campaign, Nick Wozniak from Yacht Club Games has expressed great love for smash so it’s fitting to see Shovel Knight fans rallying behind the #shovelknightforsmash hashtag,  and the developer’s of Shantae even made a ballot with potential costume choices.

Getting into the Smash spirit here at IA, I made a list of characters I would love to see make it into the game. Some are in the reddit poll and others are suggestion I willll be submitting to the official smash ballot in the near future! Here they are in no particular order:

ssb_ballot_toadToad / Toadette / Captain Toad

Forever the loyal servant of the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad has proven he deserves a chance to mix it up with the best of them. For too long Toad has been hidden away in Peach’s Pocket! I could see the developers struggling with giving a character like Toad, who has endless doppelgängers, a unique move set  but  with the fairly recent release Captain Toad Treasure Tracker game it seems like a no brainer for Nintendo to bring the captain and Toadette into the fray.

I know in theory Toad, Captain Toad, and Toadette are three different characters but I think by design Taodette and the Captain are characters that make it easier to create a more compelling move set than just having a Toad that moves fast and throws turnips. What if you put Captain Toad and Toadette to gether Ice Climbers style? Stun tactics with that headlamp could be cool and who knows what’s in those backpacks.


A colorful lady half-genie with a variety of magical and transformative abilities that she uses to fight swash-buckling pirates? Count me in.  Shantae is a really good fit for the Smash Bros canon.

She may not be a classic Nintendo character but her legacy reaches all the way back to the Gameboy Color. Shantae’s abilities to change into animals and use magic give her the potential to be a really fun character with plenty of style and depth.

ssb_ballot_geno_mallowGeno or Mallow

As long as there has been a Smash Bros there has been a Mario RPG fan pleading for Geno to make the roster. Ever since Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars was released fans of the series have been clamoring to see their favorite ‘toy possessed by an alien thing’ return to a Nintendo game.

Geno doesn’t really fit in at tennis matches or at Mario’s parities so if he ever had a shot at coming back it would have to be in a Smash Bros. Geno is cool and all with his crazy guns made out of wood but I propose to you this…

What about Mallow? Sure, he is a bit of a cry baby but he’s the prince of a noble cloud people! We could use a few more puff characters in Smash and you know…just look at him…

ssb_ballot_ice_climbersIce Climbers

It’s hammer time! This dynamic duo used to be one of my favorite counter picks. When brawl rolled around they didn’t feel quite the same and I hoped Smash 4 would return them to their Melee glory days.

Alas, physical limitations of the 3DS keep them from their true place… Cheerfully climbing a mountain of foes depleted of their stock in combat!


ssb_ballot_shovel_knightShovel Knight

Ever since I saw the KickStarter trailer for Shovel Knight I haven’t been able to get the theme music out of my head. If anything I hope he makes it to the Smash Bros. roster just so Nintendo has to make an orchestrated version of the that song.

In addition to Shovel Knight being a love letter to our favorite sprite based games of yester-year something just seems right about making him an official smash combatant. He’s got hops and skills for days. I just hope if he does make it, Shovel Knight is delivering shovel justice in his native resolution.


King K. Rool

I really like the idea of bringing more villains to the current character line up. I love facing off against Link when playing as Ganondorf or playing as Zelda and defacing the king of thieves with a well placed Din’s Fire.

There aren’t that many villains on the smash roster and the ones that made the cut are awesome. Keep the trend going! Ridley is too big so Samus is out of luck but Donkey Kong still has King K. Rool.

It feels unfair that his boss fight song made it into the game but King K. Rool did not. It would be a lot of fun to recreate that epic boss fight from Donkey Kong Country on top of potentially having a character that could throw barrels or charge through foes with super armor!

ssb_ballot_king_hippoKing Hippo

What can I say, I am a fan of big bruiser type characters. On top of being a villain, King Hippo is huge! I find Little Mac to be a really awesome and inspiring character even with some of his incredibly ridiculous flaws. I would really like to see what Nintendo could come up with for another character who by design is a boxer and perhaps has limited recovery. Maybe the balance between strength and recovery makes more sense for a character that moves slower. I don’t have the answers…I just want to see King Hippo smash something.

ssb_ballot_black_shadowBlack Shadow

I think there are very few characters with as much style and flare as Captain Falcon and maybe bringing in more characters form the F-Zero franchise could help with that. Now I wouldn’t want to see Black Shadow as a Falcon clone or just a stronger slower Falcon, which of course, already exists in the form of Ganondorf. It would be incredible to see Black Shadow match Captain Falcon in his exhibition of precise intensity and crazy acrobatics. I mean come on, homeboy has a tiny cape. That’s pretty stylish right? Give me another match up that is as fun as a Falcon mirror match. Come on! Show Me Your Moves!

ssb_ballot_jody_summerJody Summer

You might not know it but F-Zero actually has a ton of characters! Lets talk about Jody Summer. Who is Jody Summer? You may know her better as White Cat… and according to various profiles dedicated to her, she’s a leading member of the Galactic Space Federation and the second person ever to climb Olympus Mons, the largest mountain on mars.

If that wasn’t enough in F-Zero GP Legend we find out that Captain Falcon is actually her brother! Then, there is a terrible rocket launcher accident in which half of her body is replaced with cybernetics!  Crazy back story aside, I think seeing Jody in Smash 4 just fits in line with my idea of having some more acrobatic characters. That and throwing a cybernetic falcon punch.


After dabbling with Project M for a while I discovered how much I really enjoy playing as  Ivysaur. He has decent air defense and landing the Solar Beam skill he is given in Project M is as satisfying as landing any of the other “instant kill” moves in all of Smash history. Sure it goes across the whole screen but it takes quite a while to charge it up and dial in that angle. Some of his moves would probably have to be dialed back a little but look at the move sets in this video and tell me Ivysaur doesn’t look like a fun character!



Full disclosure. I have never finished Twilight Princess. A little before the original “Let’s Play” videos were popular I watched 3 different people play through the first three hours of Twilight Princess in person. When I finally tracked down my own Wii and started the game I had a really hard time getting excited. However, I still think the concepts in Twilight Princess are really cool. Primarily, playing as Midna riding Link in his wolf form.

It’s almost too awesome to be implemented in the world of Smash.  It would be cool if you could play them together as one character but what if you could break Midna and Link apart Rosalina & Luma style?

ssb_ballot_viewtiful_joeViewtiful Joe

Much like Shantae I feel like Viewtiful Joe is a really nice fit for Smash 4. He has an incredible library of moves and abilities that could be implemented. I imagine he would have some very light and quick attacks as his special moves, not unlike Marth’s “side-b,” and an incredible air offense that might even put Sonic to shame. There is probably more to be said about how Viewtiful Joe has style for days and his design tonally fits in with the rest of the cast but I think his best strength might be some type of time based mechanics implemented similarly to Shulk’s “Monado Arts.”


Snake?… Snake!… Snnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeee!





ssb_ballot_professor_laytonProfessor Layton

It’s puzzling to me how Professor Layton and other Level 5 characters have yet to join the diverse cast of Smash Bros. fighters. Now, it might seem strange to see the professor resorting to fisticuffs when in his own games he’s primarily known for his wits but give him a shot! It can be a lot of fun to take a character out of their element and see how they adapt. If anything, we certainly know Professor Layton is resourceful.


ssb_ballot_slippySlippy Toad

Another character not primarily known for his brawn, Slippy proves to be a reliable member of the Star Fox team. It’s his ingenuity that helps him standout, even if he does have to be rescued every now and then. Fox has returned to glory in Smash 4 but Falco has definitely been left wanting. It would be cool to see a new take on those foundational Star Fox Team skills.

How about a shield shine that works as  a deployable mine? What if instead of air dashing Slippy engineered a counter that forces his opponents to air dash away from him instead? I can’t think of a better way to fend off bullies. As a frog, Slippy should already be pretty good at jumping so I imagine he would find a cool way to implement that fire from the traditional Fox “up-B” into a solid offensive. Go get’m Slippy!


When Mega Man was brought into the fray people immediately began wanting more. What about playing as the Robot Masters? What about a Proto Man costume?!  What about playing as Mega Man X?! I say forget all of that and jump right to one of the coolest characters in all of Mega Man history.

You know what happened hundreds of years after Mega Man died? Mega Man X took his place and fought alongside Zero. you know what happened hundreds of years after Mega Man X died? Zero didn’t die and went on to kick some ass. Another thing that was rad about Mega Man Zero was his ability to switch between a buster and his sword or eventually use other styles of weapons entirely.

I am not sure how you balance a character that can switch between ranged and melee fighting faster than you can say “Maverick Hunter,” but I would sure love to see Nintendo try.


Through and through Tetra is a “take no s*** bad ass.” I can’t believe at one point we had a Smash game with three Links and no Tetra!  She probably throws bombs better than any of those other Links anyway! You wouldn’t even need to give her a sword before half the Smash 4 roster is walking the plank or being fired out of a catapult. Tetra could brawl with the best of them and it’s rad that Nintendo has given her that chance with the new ballot system!

….annnnd that’s it! That’s all I have for now. Post a comment and help me come up with some more! Oh, and don’t forget to submit a vote!

Who do you think should be the next DLC character in Smas Bros for WiiU and 3DS? Would you like to see returning characters like Snake and Ice Climbers or would you like to see more third party characters like Shovel Knight and Shantae?