Indestructible Art 95: Omar After Dark

By day he is a sun loving life guard protecting the California coast…but once the sun goes down over Santa Monica, he is a man who plays by his own rules. This is the dangerous true story of one Cuban lifeguard that trades in his rescue whistle for a badge. Armed with only his wits, rescue can, a veggie burrito, and unquenchable thirst for Justice, the man only known as Omar fights for love, truth, Wi-Fi hotspots, and the oppressed. Framed for murder, he now prowls Santa Monica…Justice on the beach, Justice on the Streets. He is….OMAR AFTER DARK!

Show Notes:


  • John Carmack Joins Oculus Rift as CTO – Oculus VR

  • Dragon’s Crown nonsense – Youtube

  • Big discount at MS store right now – JoyStiq


Picks of the Week:

  • Spencer: The Last Of Us – Amazon
  • Ryan: Burn the Orphanage #1 – Image Comics
  • Omar: Brothers: Tale of Two Sons – Starbreeze
  • Evan: Batman Arkham Origins gets Multiplayer – Youtube