Indestructible Art 86: Data Tracking

We’re back this week riding high of a fantastic wedding celebration. Congrats Ryan, we miss you. Lots of DC news, monthly numbers, and new digital division DC2. Updates on the XboxOne evolves into talk on privacy in the digital age. New Marvel book Mighty Avengers make us question the motives behind the new team. Drama surrounding Polygon’s Last of Us review resurfaces concerns on Metacritic and its influence on the industry. Then we end it out with Pick’s of the Week. Be sure to stick around after the end music for a special treat. Show Notes for this episode can be found at

Show Notes:


  • Last of Us review drama

  • MS updates info missing from XONE reveal – IA


* 3D Covers for Villains Month - [Newsarama](, [CBR](
  • Marvel Introduces the Mighty Avengers, AKA the “Black Avengers” – CBR

Picks of the Week: