Indestructible Art 83: Press Record

Evan recaps a lackluster Nintendo Direct. Omar talks new Borderlands 2 DLC. Spencer holds down the Comic half with news od changes and DC and Rob Liefeld’s Kickstart endevor. Then the crew gets in some last minute Xbox announcement speculations and we end it out with Pick’s of the Week.

Show Notes:


  • Nintendo Direct – Joystiq
    • Unreleased WiiU games at Best Buy Kiosks during E3
    • Wonderful 101 WiiU comes out Aug 15th
    • Game Gears coming to 3DS virtual console
    • Sonic: Lost World 3DS and WiiU exclusive
    • Zelda oracle games 5$
    • EA not developing for WiiU anymore – GameInformer
    • Ubisoft is still confident in the WiiU – Polygon
    • 20,000 less WiiU's sold than Wii in April – Joystiq
  • Krieg Character now playable on Borderlands 2 – Youtube


Picks of the Week: