Indestructible Art 81: The Singe

Omar gets stoked on Pixel Press, an iOS app to create you own video game levels on graph paper. Spencer’s not too moved by future DC villains. Ryan gives up the numbers from April comic sales. Evan wants everyone to play Fez again on PC. The fate of Hank Pym sparks debate on the fate of the Avengers. Picks of the week, and an extra plug for Two Bit Circus’ Steam Carnival Kickstarter campaign.

Show Notes:


  • Pixel Press aims to take hand drawn levels and turn the into video games. – Joystiq, PixelPressGame

    • Kickstarter Campaign launching on May 7th – Kickstarter
    • iOS and Mac Apps that scan levels and convert into working games.
  • Fez came out on PC (Steam, GOG, Humble) – HumbleStore


Picks of the Week:

One More Thing:

  • Two Bit Circus’ kickstarter campaign for Steam Carnival. – Kickstarter
    • They're re imagining old style carnival games with crazy tech and trying to get kids into learning about science and building.
    • Going to take the carnival on tour starting in LA then SF with more locations to follow.