Indestructible Art 79: Impeccable Service

Does good service matter to you? IA brings plenty of free refills this week with conversations about Age of Ultron and Nintendo Direct’s unveiling of a New set Zelda game set in the Link to the Past universe. Eisner award nominees are announced and the crew grapples with the idea of Hawkeye being a better ongoing book than Saga.

Show Notes:


  • Nintendo Direct 4-17-2013 – Nintendo
    • Shin Megami Tensei IV (July 16th)
    • Mario & Luigi Dream Team (Aug 11th)
    • New Super Luigi U (summer)
    • Yoshi’s Island 3DS
    • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (difficulty, new stages, local co-op)
    • WiiU update next week (copy/move usb data, bg downloading, Wii mode, Virtual Console)
    • EarthBound (coming to US this year)
    • Oracle(ages and season) Zelda games coming to 3DS (eShop) in May 30
    • Zelda Link to the Past Sequel? (This Holiday)
    • Mario golf World Tour
    • Mario Party 3ds
    • Mario and DK Minis on the move
    • Pikmin 3 (Winged Pikmin) AUGUST 4th
    • Bravely Default (Rad looking RPG Square Enix 3ds)
    • New Prof Layton : Azran Legacy (ends second trilogy lvl5)
    • New Keiji Inafune game – Tanks vs Bugs. eShop lvl5
    • Starship Damrey (survival horror – eShop) lvl5
    • Attack of the Friday Monsters 3DS eShop lvl5
  • THQ Drama Comes to an End – Polygon


  • Must Read Superman:
    • All-star superman
    • The Death of Superman
    • Action Comics #775
    • Superman for All Seasons
    • For the Man Who Has Everything in Superman Annual 11
    • Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow
    • Superman: Red Son
    • Kingdom Come
  • Eisner Nominations Announced – BleedingCool

Picks of the Week: