Indestructible Art 72: Then There Was Three

It’s another game of musical chairs this week as Omar steps outs and leaves Ryan, Spencer, and Evan to their own devices. An uproar ensues when Lab Zero asks for 150k to fund a new Skullgirls character, the future for PS4 and used games is still undetermined, Damian Wayne gets stabbed, and Marvels new marketing campaign uses DC’s sacred number 52. Stick around for Spencer’s rant on the prospects of Nolan-verse Batman being integrated into the new Justice League movie.

Show Notes:


  • Lab Zero Kickstarts SkullGirls Character – Kotaku
  • Three different answers about PS4 and used games – Wired
Lightning News:
  • Respawn teases E3 appearance Zampella confirms – Game Informer,twitter
  • EA creates Single Identity Across Platforms – GamesBeat
  • PS All Stars gets Isacc Clark, Zeus, Unfinished Swan – IGN
  • Uncharted 3 gets free to play multiplayer and weird ladder pay system – JoyStiq
  • League of Legends now on mac – League of Legends
  • AC IV: Black Flag announced and leaks – All games Beta
  • Update on XBL sale – MajorNelson


Lightning News:

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