Indestructible Art 31: The Saga/Saga Saga

This week the Annular Eclipse casts some weird shadows on the IA Crew, and one member is lost in the glare. Diablo 3 releases to a mound of server issues and Evan and Omar discuss what they feel were the goods and bads of how Blizzard handled the release. The Drama Llama rears its head again in the case of Infinity Ward and Activision, 38 Studios, and THQ. Omar gets ready to spend way too much money on his Borderlands 2 preorder. Ryan tells us what the First X-Men is really going to be. The Justice League International is getting canceled to make way for new books from DC. An unknown current character in the DC universe is having their sexual preference changed. The crew tries to discuss Saga #3 but is quickly sidetracked. Lastly Ryan does a great job answering some listener questions.