Indestructible Art 178 “Hand Holding “or “PAX LAX”

Leeroy Jenkins! The group is all together again and ready to storm the trenches of Comic Book & Videos Games! Ryan ponders the future of DC comics after Convergence and tries to make sense of new costumes, new titles and character deaths! Evan and Omar describe their disappointment with Hotline Miami 2, the lack of infor from PAX East, and Evan breaks the historic details of Valiant Hearts. Ryan goes over February Comic sales, which lead in to a full bore argument over Loot Crate’s influx on comic’s sales and lack of medium shirts. All of this awaits you plus witty banter, hand holding stories, industry gossip, and high fives from the number one podcast for Comic Books and Video Games!

Show Notes:

  • DC Post Convergence is nuts – Newsarama

  • Marvel to fill in the gaps of Star Was Ep 6 and 7 with new comic series BleedingCool

  • February Sales Numbers – BleedingCool

  • Someone breaks NDA on Sony Update = We’re finally getting Suspend and Resume – Polygon, Destructiod

  • Hotline Miami 2 thoughts –

Picks of the Week: