Indestructible Art 158: ‘Spooky Scary’ or ‘Jamaican Vampires’

Choke slam from Hell! Your favorite hosts enter the square circle to go toe to toe in a battle royal of Comic and Video game news! It’s a no holds barred breakdown of all the Smash Bros info from this week’s Nintendo Direct! Sweet chin music! Spencer and Ryan enter into the steel cage to discuss more Marvel event announcements, and the death of the Ultimate Universe! Steel Chair to the head! It’s a fall counts anywhere discussion as the dudes discuss the Avengers Age of Ultron trailer! Slobberknocker! Ryan rumbles with the news that Robin is returning to the DC Universe! All of this awaits you, plus Picks of the Week, Scary voice overs, witty banter, Halloween plans, and the typical nonsense from your favorite podcast for Comic Books and Videos Games!

Show Notes:

Picks of the Week: