Indestructible Art 149: A Sad State

It’s been a bit of a bummer this past week, so the crew sits down and tries to make sense of all the drama. We chat for a while about the recent news about Zoe Quinn which leads into a deeper discussion about taking ownership of your space, and what exactly is up with Spider-Woman’s butt.

Show Notes:

  • Zoe Quinn
  • Fez and Polytron are for Sale – Polygon
  • ESA Stats on “Gamer” demographics – ESA
  • Spider-Woman’s Butt – Bleeding Cool
  • Marvel, This Is When You Send An Artist Back To The Drawing Board – The Marysue
  • Spider-Woman Cover Artist Milo Manara & Writer Dennis Hopeless Respond To Online Discussion – The Marysue
  • Tom Brevoort Responds – Tumblr
  • Sucker Punch Layoffs – Gamespot

Picks of the Week: