Indestructible Art 147: Marvel Loved Ones

This weeks episode is action packed crammed with all types of wrestling drama and intrigue. Well maybe not but we definitely talk about video games and comic books. Ryan and Spencer run down the list of Marvel’s fan picked 75 best comics of all time. Then Evan and Omar clear up the smoke surrounding Twitch and their new VOD policies. Stick around for Picks of the Week and to learn about Professor X’s last will and testament.

Show Notes:

  • July Comic Sales – CRB

  • Marvel Fan-Chosen 75TH ANNIVERSARY OMNIBUS – CBR

  • Find Out the 75 Greatest Marvel Comics of All-Time – Marvel

  • Sierra is coming back? – JoyStiq

  • Twitch implements ‘Content ID’ system overnight – Twitch Blog

    • Twitch to change some things about music flagging soon – Kotaku
  • Shovel Knight shares all the data – Yacht Club

  • Resident Evil 1 remake gets an HD remake – GameSpot

Picks of the Week: