Indestructible Art 135: Guardians of the Twitch Rumors

Get ready for the weirdest and perhaps most vulgar episode of IA to date as we give you the low down on safe poops and love triangles. There’s comics and videogame stuff too so stick around! What happens if Google buys Twitch? What resolution will Watchdogs really be displayed at? Are you confused about the Guardians of the Galaxy? We talk about all of that and more so hit the play button already!

Show Notes:

  • Google to Purchase Twitch Rumor – Variety

  • Watchdogs at 900p on PS4JoyStiq

  • Super Hot funded super quick – Destructoid

  • Preview: Brubaker and Phillips are back with FADE OUT – Comics Beat

  • Humble Bundle’s Image Comics sales raises nearly $400K – Comics Beat

  • Kinect-less Xbox One – Xbox

  • Vita TV PS4 Remote Play is live in Japan – JoyStiq

Picks of the Week: