Indestructible Art 126: Dark Titan Detective Fall

The True Detective season finale hits everybody pretty hard. Stick around after the outro music to get everyone’s take on the now completed television masterpiece. On the other hand Wolverine can’t die soon enough as Ryan eagerly awaits the death toll on Marvel’s three month long mortality hype machine countdown clock. Amazon is positioning themselves to stream games and apps but it might take more than money to iron out all the kinks. Marvel is working on yet another way to ‘improve’ the comic book reading experience by adding sound effects and Omar saves the episode by informing everyone about the new Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter.

Show Notes:

True Detective Spoiler talk at the end of the episode. Starts at 01:06:25

  • Titanfall

    • Xbox Live sign in servers go down for most of Titanfall launch day, but Microsoft says its not a Titanfall issue. – Polygon
    • Titanfall pushes highest Gamerscore holder to 1 million – Joystiq
    • Respawn says Titanfall on Xbox One likely to receive resolution increase – Polygon
  • This Kickstarter for the sequel to Frog Fractions is pretty amazing – Kickstarter

  • Amazon to stream apps and games to users – GameInformer

  • Amazon App Streaming Controller – Polygon

  • Marvel showcases Audio on the Marvel App –

  • Wolverine 3 Months to die –

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