Indestructible Art 119: Street Angels and Candy Law

Ryan’s out again this week so the remaining three IA members burn the podcast down. Omar played OlliOlli and tells the crew all about it, which leads to a fantastic conversation about skateboard flavored comics. Some crazy rumors hit about a new Nintendo console called the Nintendo Fusion and the crew determines if the mysterious specs are myth or fact. Lastly, the makers of Candy Crush Saga seek to keep other game devlopers from using the word Candy and the word Saga. Unfortunately the copyright claims do not bode well for Stoic Studio the makers of Banner Saga.

Show Notes:

  • King files trade mark claims for every use of the word Candy – Game Informer

  • Indies retaliate with Candy Jam making games with Candy in the title – GameSkinny

  • Submit a Candy Jam game Candy Jam

  • King files trade mark claim, affects Banner Saga –

  • Dev proves is a copy cat offender – Junkyard Sam

  • YouTube drama over Microsoft Machinima contracts The Verge

  • Boogie2988 responds to controversey YouTube

  • New Lord of the rings game looks pretty next gen – YouTube

  • Nintendo Fusion – Escapist

  • Warren Ellis – Warren

  • Planetay Omnibus – Amazon

  • Other Warren Ellis Stuff – Amazon

Picks of the Week: