Indestructible Art 110: All New, All Different

It’s an all new, all different IA and it will take the combined efforts of Evan, Ryan, and Spencer to breakdown last weeks Xbox One launch. What happens when Twitch users get creative with the PlayStation Eye? You don’t want to know, but we talk about it anyway. Ryan breaks down why you should be reading Vertigo’s The Wake, and Spencer falls in love with the first issue of D4VE. Join us as we talk about why comic books may be better suited for the big screen than games. Plus picks of the week, witty banter, and the usual IA shenanigans! Show Notes for this episode can be found at

Show Notes:


  • Recording games is a thing – Joystiq

  • Twitch finds a new purpose – Kotaku

  • NPDs report digital sales surpass retail –

  • Xbox One Disc Drive Failures – VG247


  • Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, & Jordie Bellaire on Moon Knight Hero Complex

*Affleck and Damon producing a “Sleeper” movie:

Picks of the Week: