Indestructible Art 107: The Dishes Are Done…Man

Ryan and Spencer return but Omar mysteriously vanishes. Evan suspects murder but can’t be bothered to stop reading Fables. Unfortunately the long famed fairy tale series is coming to an end at 150 issues. Mark Waid is taking Dare Devil digital and Microsoft locks up Titanfall as a third party exclusive. Stick around for a long debate about the merits and pitfalls of X-Men Battle of the Atom. Show Notes for this episode can be found at

Show Notes:


  • Microsft lands Titan Fall exclusive – Kotaku

  • WB apology for game breaking bugs in Batman: Arkham Origins – WB Games


Picks of the Week:

  • Spencer: Comics…All of them Wiki
  • Ryan: Infinity 5 Marvel
  • Evan: Free Iron Brigade for XBL Gold Members – Major Nelson