Indestructible Art 104: I Love New York (Comic Con!)

The IA crew discuss all the big announcements from last weekends big New York Comic Con. Spencer breaks downs the history of Miracle Man, and the effects that the character has had on the industry. Ryan dishes out the info on next years Batman weekly title. Evan and Omar discuss the pros and cons of Valves new controller after seeing it in action. Evan gives us his his thoughts on the new Fable game ‘The Wolf Among Us’. Plus picks of the week, witty banter, and the usual IA shenanigans! Show Notes for this episode can be found at

Show Notes:



  • 2014 will be the year of Batman. New creative teams, weekly batman book, and the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight – Comic Vine

  • Stephanie Browns returns to DC – CBR

  • Marvel announces new books:

  • Neil Gaiman and the return of Miracle Man – Comics Alliance

  • Greg Rucka lifts the “Veil” for Dark Horse – Comics Allaince

  • New Lone Wolf and Cub at Dark Horse – Bleeding Cool

  • Dynamite lands Gold Key characters – Newsarama

  • Chaos Comics returns and lands at Dynamite – Bleeding Cool

Picks of the Week: