IA 246: “One Man’s Cry” or “COMIX 4-EVA”

Ryan Adams, a soldier of fortune, is hired by the U.S. government to secretly rescue a group of politicians trapped in Guatemala. But when Ryan and his team, which includes weapons expert Omar de Armas & CIA agent Evan Campbell, land in Central America, something is gravely wrong. After finding a string of dead bodies, the crew discovers they are being hunted by a brutal creature with superhuman strength, the ability to disappear into its surroundings, and to emulate Atari Jaguar games.

Show Notes:

  • Warner Bro buys Machinima – Deadline

  • New Multiplayer survival mode for Uncharted 4 – Playstation Blog

  • Max Payne devs announce that they are anouncing a new game – YouTube

  • Huge No Man’s Sky patch is released Polygon

  • NES micro console scalpers helps alien observers lose faith in humanity.

Picks of the Week:

Ryan: Detective Comics
Omar: Dishonored 2
Evan: MineCraft Xbox One Edition