IA 230: “Rebirthed” or “The Return of the King”

Duders and Duderettes! Our long national nightmare is over! Finally…the supreme excellence, the big boss himself, Ryan returns to the IA stage and drops the megaton news from DC’s Rebirth leak…there will be spoilers! Evan and Ryan breakdown Captain America Civil War and discuss the differences between the film and the books. Evan goes toe to toe with Street Fighter 5 armed with his new fighting sticks, and plays more Uncharted 4. All of this awaits you, plus witty banter, positive vibes, and good times from the number one name in Comic Book and Video game podcast….INDESTRUCTIBLE ART!

Show Notes:

  • DC’s Rebirth get leaked, people lose their minds – Bleeding Cool

  • Can Geoff Johns moves to cinema – Cinelinkx

  • Last overwatch trailer Soldier 76 – YouTube

Picks of the Week:

Ryan: Future Quest
Evan: Kitsch-Bent