IA 216: “This is Fine” or “Justice League of Justice”

Evan and Omar are destined to forget some vital piece of information as they try to hold down the comic book fort. There’s fun to be had with new NX rumors and Omar checks out The Witness. People get excited for Dawn of the Justice League, Evan runs down a list of games he’s finished from his 2015 backlog and the dudes talk about some big corporate changes that hit the now non existent Sony Computer Entertainment of America.

Show Notes

  • First concept art for Justice League: Dawn of Justice – ComicBook.com

  • New Suicide Squad Trailer – Polygon

  • New Paper Mario rumors – VG247

  • USC Game Design Program has more ladies than dudes – LA Times

  • NX Rumors detail some possible functions of the NX – IGN

  • Dead No More Spiderman – Newsarama

  • DC Comics Teases “Rebirth” – Polygon

  • Steve Rogers Will be Cap again – Superhero Hype

Picks of the Week

Omar: The Witness
Evan: Puzzle & Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. Edition