IA 215: “Not so Civil War 2” or “The Omar Race”

It’s time for another jaw dropping gravity defying episode of Indestructible Art! Omar builds a new monster PC and regales the crew with tales from the other side of video games. Ryan catches the crew up with the newest facts, rumors, and speculations about Civil War 2 and Marvel’s new tease of “Dead No More.” Evan and Omar spoil some stuff about Pony Island and then try to figure out some more games to help Omar’s new PC reach its full potential. This episode might be short but it’s packed with awesome so jump on in!

Show Notes

  • Bayonetta 2 stand alone release – Polygon

  • Bowie was in a game – Square Enix

  • PewDiePie launches RevelMode Entertainment Group – Variety

  • Amazon Prime now offers 20% all game preorders – Amazon

  • ESPN eSports story – Kotaku

  • David Hayter comments on 24 Reboot – Game Informer

  • Marvel to launch Civil War 2 on free comic book day – BleedingCool

  • Marvel teases Dead No More – Newsarama

  • Assassin’s Creed Movie is done filming – VG247

Picks of the Week

Ryan: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Omar: Oxenfree

Evan: Slime Rancher