IA 214: “Oculus in the Bank” or “Magic Time”

The VR Wars are upon us and there’s nowhere to hide! Omar and Evan are gearing up for the new year, looking out to the VR horizon, and rallying for an all new year of games and comics! Oculus Rift is announced to launch at $600 dollars, Sony announces 20 PlayStation exclusives releasing in 2016, and Microsoft calls out delays for ReCore and Scalebound. Omar empties out his wallet for a new VR compatible PC and the dudes discuss the practicalities of the Oculus Rifts newly announced price point. Protect your wallets and get ready for another action packed episode of IA!

Show Notes

  • Oculus Rift Pre-orders Open January 6th GameSpot

  • Palmer Lucky apologizes for $350 ballpark comment – VG247

  • Oculus is $600 – and order details – VG247

  • Playstation Exclusives 2016 Promo – YouTube

  • Rise of the tomb Raider hits 1 million / Battlefront 13 million – VG247

  • PS4 Hitting 36 Million Systems Sold – GameSpot

  • ReCore being written by Destiny writer – VG247

  • Scalebound pushed to 2017 – VG247

  • ReCore Delayed – IGN

Picks of the Week

Omar: SOMA
Evan: Life is Strange