IA 205: “The Weight of a Pip-Boy” or “The new King of Candy Crush”

Omar and Evan get ready for Fallout 4 while they team up to recap last week’s video game news round up. Overwatch is announced for consoles, Activision buys King for nearly six billion dollars, and Omar’s pre ordered Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4 weighs heavy on his conscious. Blizzcon reveals the World of WarCraft movie trailer, Apple TV is not the next big thing and the Need for Speed is real.

Follow Up:

  • Controller remapping coming to both Xbox One controllers –
    The Verge

  • Shoulder buttons are all four – GameSpot

  • Missed opportunity, Miitomo not Miimoto – The Verge

Show Notes:

  • Blizzard’s Overwatch is coming to consoles – Kotaku

  • Destiny hits 25 Million Active Users – VG247

  • Blizzard done giving out WoW Active User numbers – Destructoid

  • Activision buys King for $5.9 Billion – Giant Bomb

  • Xbox One list of 100 Backwards Compatible games – Destructoid

  • Even Squirrel Girl isn’t safe – Kotku

  • Quinns Memoir Becomes a Movie – Polygon

  • Apple TV Impressions – Polygon

  • Activision launches TV and Film Devision – GameIndutry.biz

Picks of the Week: