IA 199 Minus World: The Weird One

It’s almost here. The most epic event in podcast history is upon you…but before that…things are going to get a little weird. The RE2 Remake gets an officially happening stamp, Iron Man gets a Disney attraction in Hong Kong, Nintendo brings down the ultimate occupational perma-ban hammer on a Treehouse employee and then things get weird when Ryan and Evan trade questions about the history of IA and its co-hosts. The gloves are off and the questions are hitting hard! So stop reading and start listening!

Show Notes:

  • Resident Evil 2 Remake is official – GameSpot

  • Iron Man gets Disney Attraction – Disney Parks

  • DC Universe Workplace Comedy – Newsarama

  • Guillermo acknowledges being bad for games, then quits – GameSpot

  • Nintendo Treehouse employee let go for speaking openly – Polygon