IA 193: “Breaking Batman” or “Same Sex, Different Fire Emblem”

Omar and Evan pour one out for the busted PC version of Batman Arkham Knight and then bring up the heat with a post E3 aftermath wrap up everyone can get behind. The new Fire Emblem seeks to include same sex marriages, the makers of Bulletstorm spread their wings as an independent third party developer, and Tale of Tales closes it’s doors. Get fired up, it’s gonna be a good one!

Follow Up:

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Show Notes:

  • Fire Emblem to feature Same Sex Marriages – Polygon

  • People Can Fly becomes an Independent Developer – GameInformer

  • Developer of Sunset closes its doors – Tale of Tales

  • Batman Arkham Knight is busted on the PC – GameInformer

  • Rocksteady Co-Founder Supports Steam Delisting Batman: Arkham Knight – Destructoid

  • Batman Arkham Knight references GamerGate – Polygon

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