IA 188: “My Life in the Deep End” or “The Trouble with Witchers”

A little late but never out of style. It’s been a long week but IA never misses a show! Omar takes a trip to future space and comes back with a fury in his heart over the Witcher 3. Ryan is still in love with the Flash TV show and Evan grapples with whether or not Invisible Inc is more cyber than punk. Things heat up when Ryan instigates some early E3 discussions and at some point Omar lands a book deal based on the slightly altered story of his life.

Show Notes:

Mega Mariachi YouTube

Custume Quest gets a TV show – Polygon

World Championships Rules and Locations – Game Informer

Oculus Rift Pre E3 Event June 11th – Eurogamer

New Open world Need for Speed game – Gamespot

E3 Experience in theaters – PlayStation Blog

Picks of the Week: