IA 242: “The Switch” or “Bru’s Crew Forever”

This is usually the part where Ryan writes something cool about how each the podcast co-hosts was born in fire and forged in an epic series of adventures which involved reckless behavior and true grit. However, he couldn’t make it to the show this week so I am just going to write how each co-host would rather just take long walks on the beach and sit in a breakfast nook slowly sipping tea while occasionally tending to a small hand tilled garden. Anyways, Ryan is gone so we talked a lot about video games and even roughly attempted some comic book stuff. Nintendo Switch was released and that’s really cool! Regardless, IA 142 is a great show and you should give it a listen. Stay well listener! Stay indestructible!

Show Notes:

Picks of the Week:

Evan: Head Lopper
Omar: Kill or be Killed