Halo really is for old people. Oh, hello there I didn’t see you there without my glasses on! It’s time for a new episode of your favorite podcast about video games and comic books! Buckle up sonny it’s going to be one hoot of a ride as Ryan and Evan breakdown the most recent Nintendo Direct and why Marvel is still crushing the numbers game. Oh and I guess there is some new fangled contraption called Fallout 4? gahhh I forgot….anyway, here’s your show notes!

Omar and Evan pour one out for the busted PC version of Batman Arkham Knight and then bring up the heat with a post E3 aftermath wrap up everyone can get behind. The new Fire Emblem seeks to include same sex marriages, the makers of Bulletstorm spread their wings as an independent third party developer, and Tale of Tales closes it’s doors. Get fired up, it’s gonna be a good one!

Face Front True Believers! It’s a senses shattering episode as the guys break down Marvel’s big announcement that its universe is coming to an end!  Evan gets giddy about Microsoft’s unveiling of Window Holographic and ponders the future of this tech in other media. The dudes then switch gears and talk about the return of Milestone Comics, and the end of Club Nintendo!  All of this awaits you plus witty banter, Star Wars Vs Comic Book movies, industry gossip, and nerd outrage from the number one podcast for Comic Books and Video Games!