IA 221: “Boring World” or “Zoom Zoom Zoom”

Finally, the holy trinity of comic books and video games returns! Ryan, Omar, and Evan make their triumph return and the world will never be the same! The dudes discuss E3 and the fallout of more companies dropping out of the premier video game expo. Evan reads Walking Dead and has questions about the differences from the TV show. Ryan and Omar geek out on Flash and try to wrap their heads around the big Zoom reveal. Evan breaks down all the news on the next Killer Instinct, Rocket League, and Seth Killian’s Rising Thunder. Ryan dorks out on Spider-Man’s first appearance in the MCU from the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer. All of this awaits plus witty banter, picks of the week, and high fives from the number one podcast for COMIC BOOKS and video games, Indestructible Art!

Show Notes:

  • New Captain America Civil War Trailer – Comic Vine

  • Flash, Arrow, Legends all get renewed – Bleeding Cool

  • General Ramm to be in Killer Instinct – Eurogame

  • Hearthstone Whispers of the Old Gods – HearthStone

  • Rocket League Basketball Hoops – IGN

  • Seth Killian’s Rising Thunder cancelled, Radiant now owned by Riot – Game Informer

  • Sony Gearing up for VR – GameSpot

  • Activision leaves E3 – Fortune

  • Ori Returns with the Definitive Edition! – Xbox

  • Fable Legends Cancelled – Polygon

  • Everquest Next Cancelled – Kotaku

  • Xbox One upgrade mis understandings – Polygon

  • JK Simmons is in Justice League – Hollywood Reporter

Picks of the Week: