IA 207: “PC Playaz Club” or “Where’s My Money Honey”

Hey Listen! Its Ryan and Evan talking about Video Games and Comic Book, what else do you need? These Badass dudes are breaking all the rules and reporting this weeks news with a radical attitude. Dark Knight 3? We got that dog. Samsung VR? Dude, we are talking about that too! Is Ori and the Blind Forest still game of the year? All of this awaits you, plus witty banter, pick of the weeks, and high fives from the baddest bros around!

Show Notes:

*Did Frank Miller write DK3? BleedingCool

  • Wonder Woman begins filming CBR

  • Ubisoft and Bethesda have been blacklistig Kotaku for a year – Kotaku

  • PS2 Emulation is coming to the PS4 – Gamasutra

  • Samsung Gear VR hits store shelves! VR is upon us – Oculus

  • Steam Machines dropping like flies – Destructoid

Picks of the Week: